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    Submitted by ck24 on Sep 20, 12 at 2:48pm

    At least she is helping to service the men that are serving America...

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      Submitted by Tanari on Sep 21, 12 at 1:13am

      Actually, it's a Canadian area code

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        Submitted by ck24 on Sep 21, 12 at 1:18am

        Canada= maple syrup and free healthcare... fuck Canada.. AND bow down to America...

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          Submitted by kingrat on Sep 21, 12 at 8:52pm

          yeah cause free healthcare is so fucking terrible. you ignorant prick, fuck you and your country, 'murka is on its way out

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            Submitted by cannabislecter on Sep 22, 12 at 8:08am

            We're not all idiots you fucking stereotyping douchebag.

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        Submitted by SovietStar on Sep 21, 12 at 10:22pm

        I'm glad I'm not the only one that caught that amongst all the American dickwaving. :P

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    Submitted by budman999 on Sep 20, 12 at 4:19pm

    Those guys are all about working together as a team.

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    Submitted by aawwsshheett on Sep 20, 12 at 3:37pm

    You have no idea how true this statement is.

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    Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 20, 12 at 4:58pm

    Who said OP is a chick?

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    Submitted by huffster on Sep 20, 12 at 8:04pm

    the US Navy goes deeper and can hold their breath longer.

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    Submitted by W_T_F on Sep 20, 12 at 6:27pm

    In the Army they tag team. The Air Force will make you air-tight. Aim high!!

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    Submitted by GentlemanInBlack on Sep 20, 12 at 5:25pm

    As a combat medic with the cavalry, I understand all too well that my soldiers are way too into this.

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      Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 21, 12 at 12:15am

      off topic buttfuckit, @the servicemen and women posting itt and the ones probably lurking... thank you for allowing me to be a lazy ass American spewing my crude humor all over the intertubez and TFLN, you guys have my utmost respect... Stay safe

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    Submitted by theraven7790 on Sep 20, 12 at 5:34pm

    Damn that's true. Go 11B infantry.

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    Submitted by MURPHN8R on Sep 20, 12 at 2:58pm

    Hooah! ABN

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    Submitted by wubbazugg on Sep 20, 12 at 5:07pm

    As a former Infantry marksman, I approve this message.

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    Submitted by KyleD57 on Sep 20, 12 at 3:49pm

    For the right woman who isn't into it!!!!!?

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    Submitted by Eightyeight on Sep 20, 12 at 9:28pm

    Eighty Eight

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      Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 21, 12 at 12:04am

      number of times you put on an army uniform to play army with your uncle only to take turns tag teaming each other?

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    Submitted by armchairguru on Sep 20, 12 at 5:00pm

    Never leave a man behind! I'm pretty sure this is what the USO is all about, at least back when it was hot chicks and not bad comedians.

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    Submitted by arychuk on Sep 20, 12 at 2:28pm

    Do am I.

  • Submitted by WhiskeyHousewife on Sep 20, 12 at 8:27pm

    I just started dating an army guy, lucky me! :D

  • Submitted by smittyd04 on Sep 20, 12 at 8:48pm

    Hell us Marines will not only tag team a bitch, we'll freakin run a damn train on her and gang bang the shit outta her.