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  • Submitted by renagage on Oct 28, 10 at 3:40pm

    Honestly what else could you do

  • Submitted by AnonofAlcohol on Oct 28, 10 at 3:51pm

    It'd be so much funnier and more ironic if this was from a guy so I'm pretending it is

  • Submitted by iowawashington on Oct 28, 10 at 3:56pm

    One hand to wave, one hand to cover yourself.

  • Submitted by Phys on Oct 28, 10 at 3:56pm

    At least it wasn't the cops who found you naked in the closet, that sounds a lot worse

  • Submitted by thosewerethedays on Oct 28, 10 at 9:26pm

    Been there- only it was his dad- very awkward moment

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    Submitted by GeauxTigers2014 on Oct 28, 10 at 4:28pm

    I had this happen to me once... you gain a new found respect for R. Kelly in this situation lol

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    Submitted by jennyftb on Oct 28, 10 at 7:08pm

    first step to coming out of the closet.

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    Submitted by a_mayo_packet on Oct 28, 10 at 3:16pm

    were u naked

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    Submitted by Michguy on Oct 28, 10 at 7:05pm

    Fair thing to do.

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    Submitted by allthebaron on Oct 28, 10 at 11:36pm

    Lol been there :D

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Oct 29, 10 at 1:50am

    At least you didn't shoot her. That really puts you on her bad side.

  • 70 96
    Submitted by evolwayz on Oct 28, 10 at 4:40pm

    At least now Mom

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    Submitted by cannabislecter on Oct 28, 10 at 5:09pm