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    Submitted by SnakeDoc on Feb 17, 12 at 1:39pm

    You know how I know you are a douche bag? Because you used the "word" schwasted. Now put a dollar in douche jar!

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    Submitted by sevensevenseven on Feb 17, 12 at 3:05pm

    I read "an axe" and tried to imagine the scene.

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    Submitted by Jiggly1984 on Feb 26, 12 at 10:17am

    Fact: 70% of people in southwest MO are retarded or borderline retarded. Throw in a lack of anything fun or exciting to do, and you get this.

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    Submitted by superfreak816 on Feb 17, 12 at 6:23pm

    Dude when you said "an axe" I thought you meant like a chopping axe!

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    Submitted by BirdDog on Feb 17, 12 at 11:38am

    I saw a dumbass burn a dead cat with axe and his hands went up in flames haha

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    Submitted by ssjx7squall on Feb 17, 12 at 3:17pm

    always a good idea