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    Submitted by kallimist on Oct 12, 11 at 5:20pm

    Sounds like something i said to my best friend yesterday...

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    Submitted by Chucklez421 on Oct 12, 11 at 9:21pm

    @Jenna No one high is going out of their way to get arrested, unless you have the right partner in crime :)

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    Submitted by beezybaby on Oct 12, 11 at 3:43pm

    We can be friends

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    Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Oct 12, 11 at 5:15pm

    Then we'll smoke friendship weed, have friendship sex, an get arrested for friendship larceny.

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    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Oct 12, 11 at 9:42pm

    Make sure all the paint is on the outside! Don't want to inhale those fumes.