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    Submitted by ck24 on Mar 8, 13 at 12:50pm

    Don't feel too bad! I'm sure you have made a few guys piss fire before...

  • 43 33
    Submitted by TerryHesticles on Mar 8, 13 at 12:53pm

    New band name: Queefing Ginger

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    Submitted by go_fuck_yourself on Mar 9, 13 at 4:36am

    It's not "aprops" as in "appropriate"; apropos as an adjective means 'Very appropriate to a particular situation'

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    Submitted by W_T_F on Mar 8, 13 at 12:33pm

    Use lube next time. Too much friction is never a good thing.

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Mar 9, 13 at 1:01am

    "Do you smoke after sex?"

  • 30 35
    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Mar 9, 13 at 12:41pm

    I've seen your video on the Internet. The one where the vagina smokes a cigarette.

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    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Mar 11, 13 at 7:10pm

    Well, I never did get into the study of language. Learn something everyday, I suppose I am just used to people being stupid over texts.

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    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Mar 8, 13 at 6:32pm

    Perhaps it is just my own struggle with the language creates from the limited characters of texting, but seeing the abbreviation "apropos" made me cringe.