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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Feb 3, 13 at 12:29pm

    He's getting too old for that shit.

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    Submitted by tatteredtorn on Feb 3, 13 at 3:17pm

    No he could def mean Danny Glover. He was in Predator 2. His character is the only on to fight a Predator in face to face combat and win with out using a trap, outside interference, or anything

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    Submitted by Awesome_Dude12 on Feb 3, 13 at 12:37pm

    I think he means Carl Weathers

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      Submitted by jonathan171 on Feb 4, 13 at 8:59pm

      "There’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going."

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    Submitted by HelmetRidge on Feb 3, 13 at 12:29pm

    Danny Glover???? Don't you mean Arnold?!?!? Get to da chopper!!!!