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  • Submitted by anaraesia on Nov 27, 11 at 2:11pm

    Seriously? What kind of loser steals from a kid? I guess the same kind of loser that would reward the behavior with sex. These people should never be allowed to breed.

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      Submitted by nunubeest on Nov 28, 11 at 12:42am

      yea if I caught someone stealing a lil kids tricycle I dunno what id do to them but I know its something that when your done you sit on the curb fumble with your lighter cuz blood can be a lil slippery light up a cigarette and wait for the cops

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    Submitted by JJdoggie on Nov 27, 11 at 1:54pm

    Stupid and fake

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    Submitted by aawwsshheett on Nov 27, 11 at 1:57pm

    Buts it's going on my list either way.

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    Submitted by h8erinthehouse on Nov 27, 11 at 8:58pm

    It's tricycle, dumb fuck

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    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Nov 27, 11 at 10:01pm

    OP and the guy are both fucktards

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    Submitted by peachpie88 on Nov 27, 11 at 5:20pm

    Classless and just plain wrong...

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    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Nov 28, 11 at 9:41am

    Man, chicks are easy these days.

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    Submitted by dontaskEVUR on Nov 28, 11 at 7:34am

    I'd say you get some when you bring me something I can actually use. Tricycle at least aim for the higher age groups, so I don't think you're a total pussy

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    Submitted by DelaRosa on Nov 29, 11 at 1:40am


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    Submitted by meltz on Dec 3, 11 at 3:33am

    If you have to offer things in exchange for sex you are desperate and she is, in a sense, a hooker