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  • Submitted by Panicsdisaster on Jul 4, 12 at 4:09pm

    A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ones self isn't a bad thing.

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 4, 12 at 4:22pm


  • Submitted by Metallicaleb on Jul 4, 12 at 5:22pm

    Did you expect him not to answer?

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    Submitted by TheDirtyGun on Jul 4, 12 at 4:47pm

    It's from Superbad Mclovin says it

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Jul 4, 12 at 4:20pm

    oh sweet christ I hope he's just being silly if not....

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    Submitted by mlock08 on Jul 4, 12 at 7:57pm

    He must get asked that a lot.

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    Submitted by Frawg017 on Jul 4, 12 at 4:08pm

    "first" in