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    Submitted by so1scorpio on Apr 24, 12 at 5:27am

    Isn't she a teacher?

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Apr 21, 12 at 11:51am

    Lmao I've seen several of my graduating classmates on ggw and several other similar things. Infomercials at 3am are my entertainment when I'm stoned. I play spot a whore I know and usually see two or more. Saw twelve once...they had joined a sorority.

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    Submitted by sunshine1114 on Apr 21, 12 at 12:55pm

    There was a girl who went to high school with me who went on the bus outside a bar when they were touring for the "wildest bars in America". She had a baby about 7 months later so she was clearly pregnant when she did the video. I haven't been able to look at GGW since then.